This GSA Search Engine Ranker article provides you with what you need to know to get the most out from the software. GSA Search Engine Ranker is greatly featured in tiered link building series and it has had lots of amazing new features added over the previous year. Numerous readers from GSA search engine ranker forums have requested a comprehensive tutorial and how they can use it to create links directly to their money site rather than using Ultimate Demon.

logoSo here is What You Will Learn Using the software correctly. What the advanced options mean. How to build high quality links. How to setup a tiered link building campaign How to remove links safely. This tutorial is pretty comprehensive so let’s just get into it! First let’s look at the interface before we get into the nitty gritty stuff. On your main panel, you can see your listing of projects created, tools, colour coded verified links and a real time log with statistics.

The stats along the bottom notify you- The number of submitted links you will find and which of them submitted today. The quantity of active proxies Number of verified links from today .How many submitted links a minute. How many solved Captcha Memory & CPU usage should you ever desire a reminder of what they mean, hover over using your mouse for an explanation to pop up. To find out more options, right click the project and you have plenty of things to change here such as status, priority, type of active mode and adjusting the project.

gsa-v28Display URLs will help you to take a look at both submitted as well as confirmed links which you can export or look at more specific statistics about them in graphs and charts. You may also sort them out by engine, internal/external, follow or no follow and link type. Keep in mind, a posted link is only one which has not been confirmed. If it is live and a tested link is one that is submitted and presently live. Other project options consist of making changes in bulk and importing target URLs. You are able to import your personal URLs which you have scraped or you can import from a site list. Configurations On top of the last verified URL list, there is an option button to change the configurations for your project. The setting options you have are thread count, proxies, and various other things.

The issue with public proxies is they are not 100% dependable and you normally receive a high failure rate which usually ends up wasting your time. If you spend a couple of bucks on Buyproxies and buy semi-dedicated proxies, the success rate is a lot higher and it is truly worth your money. In order to input your own proxy list, click Add proxy, import them from clipboard and set them to private. Right after you add them, go back to settings and choose proxies to use, private or public and when. I use my private proxies for search engines, PR checking and submission.

gsa-ranker-coupon-codeEven though GSA can support a large range of captcha solving services, there are two types that you really need to know. The first is a software based solution such as GSA Captcha Breaker. It will try to instantly fix them for you which usually save on human based captcha services. The second one is a human based solver like Death by Captcha and these are really cheap, around $1.39 for a thousand solves. The easiest method to set it up is to select a software based service as your primary and then a human based service as your secondary. That way your primary can help reduce the captcha costs and your secondary can pick up any failed ones and is much cheaper.

I would recommend maintaining a record of successful and confirmed submissions so that you can make use of them afterwards in upcoming projects. One of the options for a new project is to import target URLS and you may do that from an earlier site list. After a couple of months of using GSA, you will end up having a huge site list of verified and successful links that you can save and import quickly in various projects. Tick verified to save it. Starting Your Project When you’re done setting everything up and all the options are how you want them. Click Start to get your project going. As soon as you do that, GSA will start going out and finding targets and submitting and verifying links.

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